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Operating system dependency

The shareware distribution archive of Help to RTF includes two versions:


Platform and unique features


Windows 3.1 16 bit version. This version is usable on all known Intel-based (IBM-compatible) Windows platforms from Windows 3.1 through to Windows NT 4.0.

This version is optimized to produce the smallest possible footprint on your hard disk, but internal 16 bit addressing places some limits on the size of helpfiles which can be converted due to the potential sizes of keyword tables, topic ID tables and other Help-specific information. These tables are scanned only when creating recompilable output.

Output intended for printing is limited only in the number of bitmaps and fonts produced from the source helpfile. You should not face file size limitations with the vast majority of helpfiles, and these can be further lessened by insuring that images are saved as separate disk files.

There are no limits in bitmap sizes.

If you try to convert a file too large for HLP2RTF.EXE to handle, it will prompt you to use the Win32 version.


Windows 32 bit version. This version uses 32 bit addressing technology to handle exceptionally large helpfiles and overcome the limitations of the 16 bit version. Naturally it requires the presence of the appropriate 32 bit Windows extensions on the users system, i.e. Windows 3.1 with Win32s installed (16Mb of memory is recommended for Win32s-equipped PCs), Windows NT or Windows 95.

The shareware edition does not convert all the keyword entries from the help file into the RTF files. This is the only limitation to the shareware version.
This restriction does not apply to the
registered version.

Other operating systems and capabilities

At present Help to RTF is only compatible with Microsoft versions of the Windows operating system. A DOS version of Help to RTF is also available but it is limited to small help files.

A version of Help to RTF designed as a Microsoft Word plug-in document conversion filter (.CNV file) is also available as part of Help Access Library, and this version could be enhanced for special needs or situations to include Help to RTF functionality and features. Inquire to Herd Software Development for rates and specifications.

If you have a need for Help to RTF functionality on other operating systems (e.g., UNIX or Macintosh) please contact us in regard to your requirements.