Accessing a Windows Help File

This CGI-Program allows reading of a Windows Help (WinHelp) file or Media Viewer 2.0 file from your favorite web Browser.

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List of available help files

FilenameFile TitleCopyrightCitationTopicsKeywordsDate
hlp2rtf.hlpHelp to RTFHerd Software Development (c) 1996-97-307109/05/07
hlpacces.hlpHelp Access Library declarationsHerd Software Development (C) 1996-8211012/18/99
hlp2rtfd.hlpHilfe zu Help to RTFHerd Software Entwicklung (c) 1996-1997-136209/05/07
davinci4.hlpDaVinci 4 Grafikbibliothek HandbuchBernd Herd (c) 1994-2009-23152702/19/18
hlp2rtfs.hlpHelp to RTFHerd Software Development (c) 1996-83009/05/07

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