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Command line operation

Automating Help to RTF

Once you become comfortable with Help to RTF and find that your options rarely change from one session to another, you may want to use Help to RTF as an automated helpfile print processor. If you set up Help to RTF as a shortcut or Program Manager icon, dropping helpfiles onto the icon or sending them to Help to RTF will automatically process the file without opening the Help to RTF wizard dialog.

Help to RTF can also work from a Windows command line using the helpfile name as the parameter.

Additional command line parameters

One other command line parameter exists for Help to RTF. If -v is inserted into the command line before the helpfiles name (e.g. hlp2rtf.exe -v suprware.hlp), the default application on your system associated with .RTF files will be launched when Help to RTF is finished processing as an additional timesaver.