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Help to RTF Network Edition

What is Help to RTF Network Edition?

The network edition of Help to RTF is a special fixed-price edition of Help to RTF offering an inexpensive solution to company-wide documentation conversion needs. A single US$100.00 license permits the use of Help to RTF as a helpfile print pre-processor and decompiler across an entire domain in a network. Whether youve got a team of three documentation specialists needing access to a Help decompiler or a hundred employees needing printable output from helpfiles, a single registration price covers the entire domain.

The best documentation bargain anywhere

Think of the savings possible when Help to RTF is implemented as a company- or department-wide solution for documentation:

each employee can generate custom manuals containing only the information they need, meaning fewer print sharing headaches and reduced paper usage

employees needing only a hypertext reference can avoid printing completely

reduced costs when purchasing site licenses for other software...employees can print their own manuals directly from the helpfile and only if they feel the need (site license costs can rise dramatically when manuals must be purchased for each user)

lower energy and shipping costs when purchasing site licensed software since you can print manuals using paper in stock