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Revision history

20.01.2001 Version 2.14beta1

Fixed a compatibility issue with windows 2000

23.03.1999 Version 2.13beta1

Added Support for StarOffice 5.0

Added a Linux Commandline Version

04.07.1997 Version 2.12

Added Support for Corel Word Perfect 6.1

Added Support for Free Microsoft Word Viewer 97 (Downloadable for free from

Fixed a bug causing GPFs when a help file included more ALink definitions than KLink definitions.

The language selection program LANGUAGE.EXE has been renamed to SPRACHE.EXE for Windows 3.1x compatibility reasons.

Corrected a problem causing erroneous formatting when several paragraph formatting styles were used within one table cell.

21.03.1997 Version 2.11

Fixed several minor incompatibilities to a few help files.

Fixed problem when running Help to RTF on machines with HiColor (16 bit) color resolution.

The 32 bit version now provides the same embedded window DLL support as the 16 bit version.

Fixed an incompatibility with an embedded window DLL included with Microsoft Word 6.0.

Added an uninstall option to the demonstration version

Added a tool to select the language by the user.

Now supports Spanish with online help and install dialogs.

Revised order forms, payment now accepted via VISA (worldwide) and VISA/MasterCard/Amex/Discovery (PsL) in addition to direct mail and CompuServe GO SWREG.

Frequently asked Questions” (FAQ) topic added to help file

Corrected erroneous color table assignment

Corrected problem with generation of paragraph borders

Modified HLP2RTF.DOT for Word for Windows 97 compatibility.

Copyright and file title are now placed into the document information when pre-print processing is selected.

31.10.1996 Version 2.10

Solved the following problems with formatting of RTF output code:

Compatibility with Star Division StarOffice software

Coding of font tables did not previously conform to the RTF standard

Severe problems occurred when including bitmaps in the RTF code

Registered version displayed errornous created by unregistered version” title for helpfiles that did not support a title.

11.10.1996 Version 2.09

Discovered an incompatibility with one HCRTF.EXE-generated helpfile; changed handling of Phrase decompression to support this anomaly.

25.8.1996 Version 2.08

Added support for Windows 95 multimedia and embedding extensions:

{button} statements now handled correctly

{mci} statements now handled correctly

{bmxt} (transparent bitmaps) now handled correctly

ALink entries now acknowledged and properly handled.

Resources and helpfile localized for full English language support by Cub Lea <>

14.8.1996 Version 2.07

Fixed a problem the 16 bit version had communicating with embedded window DLLs.

Fixed a problem with cross-references to other helpfiles (interfile links) using the pre-print conversion option.

Word processor memory requirements can now be optimized by storing bitmaps intended for pre-print output as separate disk files outside of the RTF file. Images are referenced via an import specification. This also greatly reduces the size of the created RTF file and reduces the effort required to edit images. It also decreases total disk space requirements since externally-stored images require only one copy on disk whereas images embedded in the RTF require a unique embedded image for each reference, even if the same image is referenced several hundred times in the same helpfile. Embedded window graphics also receive the same write-once treatment. Filenames for extracted images are generated from a CRC-like value of the image file.

DLLs that are not available on the path but referenced by an entry in WINHELP.INI or VIEWER.INI are now found and loaded when needed for generating embedding images.

Fixed problem with occasional Word 6.0 mistreatment of footnote references.

15.4.1996 Version 2.05

Solved problem with author-defined embedded window command strings ( {ewl...} statements)

Solved a problem with some Windows 95-Format Help-Files causing GPF.

27.3.1996 Version 2.04

V2.03 was unusable on non-German machines.

Fixed a problem when transferring TrueColor bitmaps from the helpfiles into the RTF output files. Occasionally MS Word was unable to read the image.

22.3.1996 Version 2.03

Fixed problems with metric sizes of some graphics.

Fixed incompatibility of 32 bit version with Win32s. (32 bit version now runs in Windows 3.1/3.11 providing Win32s is installed).

20.3.1996 Version 2.02

Now supports the Contents= entry when generating recompilable output.

Fixed a bug in the generation of hash codes for recompilable output.

18.3.1996 Version 2.01

Added registration key feature.

12.3.1996 Version 2.00

Completely revised user interface.

Now generates an index and table of contents when converting for print.

Now generates page references for jumps and popups as field codes in the RTF.

Batch mode implemented

Scan function now available to search entire drive for helpfiles.

Now uses the helpfile title for the page heading when generating pre-print output.

Now extracts icon files when creating a recompileable project.

Fixed some incompatibilities.

18.2.1996 Version 1.14

Fixed an Incompatibility with some bitmaps found in WinHelp 4.0 (Windows 95) helpfiles. Fixed a bug in a Windows 95-specific decompression routines that only occurred in the 16 bit version of Help to RTF. Fixed an Incompatibility to Windows 95 files that used the Phrase Compression” option at compile time.

15.2.1996 Version 1.13

Added support for the rarely used {bmxwd ...} statement for printing helpfiles designed for CD distribution. Helpfiles using these statements formerly caused GPF in most cases.

Added support for bitmaps in Windows 3.0 helpfiles.

Splitting of output RTF files into several smaller RTF files is now optional to permit output from large files to be handled more comfortably on machines with plenty of memory. It is now possible to create one large RTF file from a given source file.

The paragraph height default is changed to minimum” instead of exact” when converting for print. It was discovered that some graphics could not be displayed because of paragraph height improprieties.

31.1.1996 Version 1.12

Now includes support for embedded window Help DLLs. Help to RTF tries to make the best guess about the appearance of the embedding (images and controls) when generating graphic output for print-ready RTF.

28.1.1996 Version 1.11

Fixed a Bug in Help to RTF that sometimes caused a GPF or Division by Zero-Error when converting Help-Files from HCRTF for Printing. It was caused due to bitmaps that had a metric size of zero.

Default paper size set to A4 for Germany to support the majority of current Help to RTF clientele. A special combination of compression technologies found in one helpfile is now supported. Macro jumps are no longer formatted as strike-through when converting for print.

27.1.1996 Version 1.10

When generating pre-print output, bitmaps and WMF files are now stored in a temporary directory and deleted after conversion. When converting for printing, only the RTF file remains after processing.

22.1.1996 Version 1.09

Image sizes are now correct when converting for printing with embedded images in the RTF.

21.1.1996 Version 1.08

Restored HC30.EXE-compiled Help compatibility which was lost when adding Multimedia Viewer support. Also corrected handling of keyword strings and end-of-file marks in decompiled Windows 3.0 Help. Some types of data from Windows 30 Help are still unavailable, e.g. [MAP] entries, but further support is unlikely due to the obsolescence of the HC30 helpfile format.

20.1.1996 Version 1.07

Progress dialog can now be iconized and closed via the system menu. Erroneous headline statement problem corrected. Program now beeps when conversion is complete. Border tags in rtf are now recreated Word 6.0-compatible. Options from file selector dialog are now stored in HLP2RTF.INI. Progress Indicator no longer stops before reaching 100%.

16.1.1996 Version 1.05

First hybrid German/English release.

10.1.1996 Version 1.04

HLP2RTF can now create page breaks after every topic when generating RTF files intended for printing. Table creation is no longer necessary for generation of printable output, so the 16 bit version is now able to handle any helpfile selected for pre-print output.

9.1.1996 Version 1.03

Added support for the .MVB file format for Multimedia Viewer 2.0 and the ,M13 file format used in MediaView 1.3.

7.1.1996 Version 1.02

Added support for graphic compression types 0x0006,0x0306 and 0x0008 that could not be converted to .BMP or .WMF files by earlier versions.

Compiled HLP2RTF optimized for file size.

5.1.1996 Version 1.01

Fixed bug in handling of WinHelp 4.0 (32 bit Help) files. Some files (e.g. HCW.HLP) caused the program to hang displaying an Extracting Baggage” message.

3.1.1996 Version 1.00

First public release. First version with WinHelp 4.0 Support.


Several distributions of beta versions to selected Herd Software clientele. Distributed 16 bit version via FIDO-Net WINDOWS.PROG.GER.