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Selecting your input file

This screen behaves much like a standard Windows File|Open dialog. Here are some tips for using the controls:


By default, the dialog will display .HLP, .MVB (Multimedia Viewer) and .M13 (MediaView 1.3) files. Sometimes .HLP files are renamed with unusual extensions to serve special purposes, but since these files are usually renamed to prevent decompilation or conversion, Help to RTF does not permit you to open files with nonstandard extensions.

The Scan button

This button allows you to scan your entire system, one drive or partition at a time, for files to convert. All files on the drive are displayed according to their title and copyright.

The Convert button

This button is provided here for convenience, and should be considered an "expert" feature. It starts the conversion process instantly and saves converted data to the same directory as the helpfile you selected.

Tip: If you do not want to clutter the selected file's directory, copy the file to a new, empty directory first and reselect it from the file selector before continuing.