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Licenses and Ordering

Help Access Library is not and has never been free Software. You have the right to test the Shareware-Version of Help Access Library for 30 Days, afterwards you'll have to register (buy) it, or delete it. You do not have the right to use the example programs beyond this time period.

Help Access Library licensing price is 999 US $ or 1499 DM for a redistributable License. This will contain the License to use the DLLs and LIB files in your own application and distribute the DLL-files with it.

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Giving you a License

After paying the registration fee Dipl Ing. Bernd Herd give you the right to use the Help Access Library Appliaction development Files on one Computer. Using a Software is analog to using a Book: You may use it on one single Computer Simultaniously. Copys are to be done for Backup purposes only.

You've got the right to sell your Programs with the licensed File-Versions of Help Access Library.

You are not allowed to change, disassemble or otherwise reenginere Help Access Library or its Component Librarys.

Limited Warranty

We give no Warranty for Help Access Library to fit any given purpose. Any Program may be errornous, so we give no warranty for Costs you may have thru using Help Access Library.

License Agreement for ShareWare-Version

The Shareware-Version of LZAPI may be tested for 30 Days.

You also have the right to

Distribute the unchanged Archiv.

Test Help Access Library on ONE Computer for a maximum of 30 Days.

Contacting the Developers:

Herd Software Entwicklung

Dipl. Ing. Bernd Herd

Rudolf-Virchow-Str. 8

68642 Bürstadt


Tel.: +49-6206-707775

Fax.: +49-6206-707776



CompuServe: 100545,3001

AOL: HerdSoft

FIDO-Netzadresse: 2:2464/420.10.

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