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HIFSFILE IFSOpenFile(HIFS ifs, LPCSTR InternalFileName)

Opens an internal File.

Opens a file contained in a File-System for reading. The file system has to be opened by a previous call to IFSOpen. More than one internal file can be ópened with calls to IFSOpenFile at the same time using the same HIFS-Handle.

Defined in: C:/HLPACCES/IFS.C

Return Value

A Handle for the opened file to be used in subsequent calls to IFSReadFile IFSSeekFile and IFSCloseFile



Handle of the File-System opened by IFSOpen


Internal filename of the Baggage-File NOTE: filenames are case-different, so you have to transfer the correct case for the Filename


All HIFSFILE File handled must be closed with calls to IFSCloseFile before the assigned HIFS can be closed by IFSClose