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BOOL HlpTopicJumpAPI(LPCSTR lpszHelpFileName, HTOPIC topic)

Tries to launch Windows Help or Media Viewer 2.0 to display the topic accessed with HlpTopicSeek.

This is not always possible.

The Function determines automatically if the Windows Help File has been created using HC31 or HCW. If The file has been created using HCW, WINHLP32.EXE will be used as viewer application, else WINHELP.EXE will be used to avoid nag Messages caused by 16-Bit dynamic link Libraries.


Return Value

The return Value is TRUE when the Function successfully started a Viewer, it is FALSE if either the Media Viewer was not installed or the Windows Help topic has no context Id to jump to.



Filename of the Help or Media Viewer file.


Topic-Handle created by HlpTopicOpen and positioned to the TopicOffset using HlpTopicSeek


The function cannot jump directly into a Windows Help File due to the fact the Windows Help does not support an API to transfer a TopicOffset Value.

The Function Therefore Searches the CONTEXT-File for a hash-Code that can be transfered using the undocumented JUMPHASH macro.

If there is no such context string entry (# Footnote), the Function is unable to open the topic.