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The IMAGINE window class

Both the TDavinci Delphi VCL component TDavinci and the ActiveX component ImagCtl act as interfaces to the IMAGINE window class encapsulated within IMAGxxxx-DLL. This window class permits access to graphics data in DIB, metafile and enhanced metaFile formats. It also contains built-in gamma correction and dithering functions.

Imagine's API is based on window messages which are documented in the file IMAGINE.H and/or IMAGINE.PAS.

The IMAGINE window class is a special window class used by the DLL to simplify graphics operations. This class must be registered by the application prior to use by calling the IMRegisterImagineClass function. Once the class is registered, IMCreateImagineWindow or CreateWindow(...IMAGINE_CLASS_NAME ...) can be used to create a new Imagine-class window for use by the application. (This assumes that the application or development environment supports this class.)

The DAVIEW sample program demonstrates the use of the Imagine window class in an API-based Windows application.