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Sample programs included with the DaVinci library

Source code for the demo programs are stored in subdirectories of the EXAMPLES directory:


WINAPI Windows API and C sample program
MSVC40.MDP: Microsoft Visual C++ 4.x and 5.x
BC45.IDE Borland C++ 4.5x and 5.0x project

DELPHI Delphi sample program using the TDavinci component.
IMAGEEX.DPR Delphi 1.x and 2.x project

VB4 Visual Basic 4.0 sample program using the DavCtl ActiveX Control.
VBEX.VBP Visual Basic 4.0 Project

VB5 Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0 sample program using the DavCtl ActiveX Control.
VBEX.VBP Visual Basic 5.0 Project

DAVDELPH Borland Delphi sample program based on TImage (the native Delphi imaging component)
DAVDELPH.DPR Delphi 1.x and 2.x project

MFC Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) sample program
MFCEX..MDP Microsoft Visual C++ 4.x and 5.x project.

OWL Borland OWL 2.x C++ class library sample program
DAVDEMO.IDE Borland C++ 4.5x and 5.0
DAVDEM3.PRJ Borland C++ 3.1

IMAGINE Sample program for Imagine window class Windows API and C
MSVC40.MDP: Microsoft Visual C++ 4.x and 5.x
BC45.IDE: Borland C++ 4.5x and 5.0x project

GIFOPT C API command line program for generating GIF images. Supplementary function: optimizing of bitmaps to minimum color depth for reduction of file size and required memory.
GIFOPT.IDE: Borland C++ 4.5x and 5.0x project
GIFOPT.MDP: Visual C++ 4.0 and 5.0 project

VCL\Delphi\LEONARDO.PAS Unit definition file for LEON3_32.DLL

VCL\Delphi\DAVINCI.PAS Unit definition file for DAV3_32.DLL

VCL\Delphi\IMAGINE.PAS Unit definition file for IMAG3_32.DLL

WINAPI can read and store files in all graphics formats supported by DaVinci. Printing and internal differentiation between metafiles and bitmaps is also supported.

However, MFC can only import and export bitmap data formats. Metafiles (vector graphics) must first be converted into bitmaps for use with MFC functions.

DAVDEMO will open images in DaVinciís supported formats, display them onscreen, and export them to any of the compatible supported formats. The demo application works with the image internally as a device-dependent bitmap (DDB). Palette conversion to 256 colors and scrolling are also demonstrated.

DAVIEW, like WINAPI, is based on Windows API functions, and contains additional functions such as control over the flag values used by the ipImportInd and ipExportInd functions. It also demonstrates how to display of DXFs as white lines on black backgrounds, image rotation, and modification of color depth among others.

Pascal and Delphi users may also wish to explore the GETDIB.PAS and GETTEST.PAS sample units. They demonstrate how DIB data can be addressed in PASCAL applications, and provide useful, ready-to-use utility graphics functions.