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Overview: DaVinci's TDavinci component

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TDavinci is a visual component for Delphi. The source code for the component is the same for all versions of Delphi. Once installed, it can be dropped on forms and used in much the same manner as TImage. TDavinci is not derived from TImage, however. It is a TCustomControl derivative based on the IMAGINE window class defined in IMAG3xxx.DLL. It has been designed so that you can replace most instances of TImage with a TDavinci component, but note that it does not duplicate all of the TImage properties and methods, nor does it duplicate the TPicture/TBitmap properties you might normally access using a TImage. On the other hand, most of the TPicture/TBitmap functionality you're likely to need is available using a TDavinci component through methods and procedures defined in the Leonardo header.

TDavinci's strengths lie in its optimization and refinement of commonly-used image manipulation methods and procedures, and the simple and elegant way in which it allows import/export of image formats not normally supported by Delphi. It's also lean on resource usage. Its focus is representation of image data at the highest possible quality for the selected device (usually screen or printer), and it avoids the double storage of data both as DIB and DDB. While many data manipulation routines are much faster than Delphi's bundled routines, actual image display is somewhat slower due to TDavinci's focus on optimal appearance.

The component also provides a significant number of easy-to-use functions for accessing Leonardo's image processing routines, providing you with powerful processing features and optimized image display from the same component.

Distributing applications which use TDavinci

Note that applications which use TDavinci must include the corresponding DaVinci, Leonardo and Imagine DLLs in their distribution package.

Note also that while source code for the component is included with the trial version distribution, this does not mean that trial version users may redistribute the DLLs. Only licensed users of DaVinci are permitted to actually distribute the DLLs with their applications or use the DLLs in personal applications beyond the 30-day trial period.

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