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ActiveX introduction

Beginning with version 3, DaVinci now includes an ActiveX component, DAVINCI3.OCX, to streamline access to DaVinci functions from ActiveX-supporting RAD environments such as Microsoft Visual Basic. At of the 3.0x revision level, the OCX should probably be considered beta software, since it had limited field testing prior to release.

The methods and events for the ActiveX component correspond to those of the TDavinci VCL component, so it is recommended that you refer to TDavinci topics for information relating to the OCX. There are some occasionally subtle differences between the VCL component and the OCX which are outlined below.

Differences between the VCL and OCX components

OCX registration

The file DAVINCI3.OCX is a self-registering ActiveX server. The DaVinci installer will have already registered the component on your system if this optional install item was selected.

Insert DaVinci ActiveX control into your Application

To insert an Imagine control into your application select the control "DavCtl".