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High resolution form printing from Delphi using DaVinci

procedure PrintFormHighQuality(Form : PForm);

Delphi's TForm provides uses the Print method to print a form's contents. This might have been okay for dot matrix printers, but when you out a form in type of a screen photograph. The underlying technology limits the dump of graphics to the decomposition of the screen what usually leads to low print quality

Application programs can make the print method call the procedure PrintFormHighQuality from the unit Imag_vcl. This prints TDavinci elements in best possible print quality, other elements in the same way and in the case of TForm.Print.
uses Imag_Vcl;

{ ... }

{ Menu Item "Print" Selected. Well.. Let's do that. }
procedure TMainForm.mnuFilePrintFormClick(Sender: TObject);
  { performs standard Delphi printing..usually prints Graphics in VERY low quality (96dpi) }
{  Print; }

  { Overwrite the image printed in the standard Delphi approach by a better-quality image }