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30. August 2001

Dear Surfer. You have tried to access a page related to a software we sell no longer from the 1. August 2001 on.

Microsoft contra Open Source

For years now we're observing the ugly practices of the microsoft trust. Since 1998 we're concentrating all our efforts into the free operating systems, especially GNU/Linux. We came to believe that the free operating systems are much better suited for most applications than Microsoft Windows.

For that reason we decided some while ago that new software will only be released if we're able to release it both for windows and GNU/Linux.

Within the last months Microsoft has started a very ugly FUD (Fear - Uncertainty - Doubt) campain against the free operating systems. When Steve Ballmer said in an official interview that Linux would be a cancer to the software industry we decided that we'd remove all free software from our web servers. The last doubts faded when the american courts decided not top split Microsoft.

Herd Software decides ourselfs

For that reason we've removed all cost-free windows software from our offers the 1. August 2001.

In the same effort we're removing products that are not needed for free operating systems because there are better implementations available unter the GPL.

Please use Free Software!

Using free software is important becase computers are already and will even more become a base technology like reading and writing and we cannot accept such knowledge to be private to any company.

Even only using free operating systems helps because application software vendors decide budgets based on the number of users using an operating system.

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