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Some useful background on TImage

As virtually all longtime Delphi users are painfully aware, the TImage originally supplied with Delphi 1.0 proved to be severely limited in terms of its capabilities. It was effectively limited to image display. Let's face it...even with the improvements made in Delphi 3 and 4, it still leaves even casual developers hungry for more flexibility and power.

TDavinci, the DaVinci interface component for Delphi, may not solve all your problems. But it can add a great deal of depth to the image-handling capabilities of virtually all applications without dramatically increasing the complexity of your code. If any of the following problems is a concern with your application, then the extra overhead of DaVinci might be well worth the solutions it provides.

What's buggy

What's missing and what's missed

What was never there

Using DaVinci with TImage