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License terms of the shareware release

The shareware version of DaVinci is provided with special license terms as defined below.

Limitations of the shareware version license:

Penalty for non-compliance

The shareware release of the software is not provided as a gift or incentive offering to end users. All users of the software are bound to the terms of the license agreement. All discovered cases of non-compliance with this agreement will be rigorously pursued for copyright violation.

In all cases of non-compliance with this agreement, the following implied contract exists between the end user and the publisher in regard to evaluation versions of redistributable components of the DaVinci software. A redistribution royalty of DM1.- is incurred per day on each copy of each component distributed. At such time as a total of DM10.- in outstanding royalties is accrued by the developer, the publisher will pursue legal action to collect said royalties.

In addition, the agreement stipulates the use of this software for development purposes on a single computer only. Use of design-time and redistributable components on multiple computers or worrkstations strictly requires a multiple-user license.

Updates and upgrades to the shareware distribution

Upon receipt of an advance payment of DM10.- in German postage (no equivalents are acceptable), you will automatically be mailed significant updates and upgrades to the shareware release.

Inclusion of any redistributable components into your applications automatically indicates your acceptance of the franchise agreement

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