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License prices

License level Price
incl legal tax
in German Marks (DM)
incl. legal tax
in US $
DaVinci 3 Standard 32 bit version 149,-- DM 89,-- US$
DaVinci 3 16 bit version 149,-- DM 89,-- US$
DaVinci 3 Professional 32 bit version 899,-- DM 540,-- US$
DaVinci 3 Professional DaVinci 3 16 bit version 899,-- DM 540,-- US$
Shipping (all orders) 8,-- DM 5,-- US$
Add for ”Cash On Delivery” outside of germany 20,-- DM 12,-- US$
Add for Payment by Cheque 3,-- DM 2,-- US$

All prices include German VAT (16%).

European Union (EU) clients outside of germany do not need to pay german VAT if they specify their VAT Registration ID on their order, thus you pay 16 % less.

Clients outside of the EU do not need to pay german VAT, thus you pay 16 % less.

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Contact information:

Herd Software Development
Dipl. Ing. Bernd Herd
Rudolf-Virchow-Str. 8
68642 Buerstadt

Tel.: +49-6206-707775

Fax.: +49-6206-707776

Internet: info2007@herdsoft.com

CompuServe: 100545,3001

AOL: HerdSoft

World Wide Web: http://www.herdsoft.com

Service and support:

Don't hesitate to contact us with your concerns, requests or questions about DaVinci. Email is our preferred means of communication. You can reach us at: info2007@herdsoft.com

Contents of the licensed version release

Licensed versions of the DaVinci library contain the following additional files not included in the shareware releases:

About the 16 bit version:

The importance of 16 bit software in the Windows market is steadily decreasing as the userbase for Windows 3.x continues to decline. Development and maintenance costs for 16 bit legacy software, however, do not fall with the decline in the userbase. In order to keep DaVinci viable for this market, we have increased the price for the 16 bit version to the same level as the 32 bit version in order to justify providing both 16 and 32 bit libraries with functionally identical interfaces and capabilities. We ask for your understanding in this change of policy.

As a part of this change of policy, existing DaVinci version 2 licensees are offered an upgrade path to either DaVinci 3 16 bit or DaVinci 3 32 bit.

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