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About this helpfile

This helpfile is provided to assist developers with implementation of graphics-related development with Microsoft Windows and the DaVinci graphics library. This document includes basic information about Windows' own graphics API in addition to developer information for DaVinci.


Link colors

Green links Indicate jumps within the DaVinci helpfile
Blue links Indicate Internet links embedded in the helpfile. Naturally you’ll need to be connected to the Internet before these links will work.
Red links Indicate links to topics in Windows' API helpfiles or other helpfiles related to development which may have been installed with your development platform. It is assumed that the WIN32.HLP API helpfile is registered on your system as your default 32 bit API helpfile.
Violet links These open DaVinci sample programs (either source code, which opens into Notepad; or compiled binaries, which open as programs on the desktop)


This symbol indicates that the specified function or feature is only available in the professional version of DaVinci.
Indicates that the topic refers extensively to API programming (i.e. Windows API functions as used with DaVinci DLL functions)
Indicates topics relating to the TDavionci Delphi VCL component
Indicates topics relating to the DavCtl ActiveX component


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