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Leonardo: The RotateEnhMetaFile function

Rotates an enhanced metafile in multiples of 90 degrees. (A separate routine is provided for standard metafiles.)

int iAngle);

hEnhMetaFile HENHMETAFILE Handle of the source enhanced metafile on which the rotated copy is based.

iAngle int Angle of rotation. Must be specified as one of the three following values:
900 : Rotate 90 to the left
-900 : Rotate 90 to the right
1800 : Rotate 180 onto the heading.


If successful, the return value is a handle to a rotated copy of the source enhanced metafile, otherwise it is NULL. Failure is generally due to insufficient memory. The handle can be passed to PlayEnhMetaFile for playing immediately upon return. Applications must release this handle using DeleteEnhMetaFile.


Enhanced metafiles can be highly complex data structures. Whether this function produces a pleasing result depends a greead deal on the quality of the original file.

Enhanced metafiles produced via DXF file import (DaVinci) can be rotated using this function.

Enhanced metafiles generated via EPS import (DaVinci) cannot be rotated using this function.