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Leonardo: The LoadDIBFromFile function

Loads a Windows .BMP format bitmap file into memory and returns a handle to memory used by the loaded bitmap.

HDIB API LoadDIBFromFile (

SzFile LPCSTR Pointer to the input filename.


If successful, the return value is a handle to the loaded DIB, otherwise it is NULL. The most common causes of NULL return values are file-not-found, insufficient free memory, and incorrect file format. The input file must be a standard Windows .BMP file.


Bitmaps stored using standard Windows RLE compression are automatically uncompressed when loaded. RLE-compressed images are compatible with this format provided that the RLE format used conforms to Windows' internal specifications for this compression type.

This function is exported by LEON3_xx.DLL, and can be used in place of ipImportInd in cases where the only required import format is .BMP.

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