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The ipTifPageCount function

This function is provided for determining the number of the pages in a multipage TIFF file.

int FAR PASCAL	ipTifPageCount(
HMMIO hmmio,
LPCSTR lpcszName);

hmmio HMMIO MMIO file handle of a file opened with the mmioOpen Windows API function, or NULL to force ipTifPageCount open the file given in lpcszName.

lpcszName LPCSTR File name of the TIFF file to be examined.

Return value

Returns the number of the pages in the TIFF file, or 0 if the file is damaged or could not be opened.


Once the number of pages in a multipage TIFF has been determined, an application can define the page number to be imported using the uPageNumber member of DAVPARAMS structure when calling ipImportInd.