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The IpGetImportExtensions function: generating a filemask

The ipGetImportExtensions function generates a selection string (filemask) with fle extensions for all available file formats. Installed MS Graphic Import Filter modules are enumerated for additional extensions to generate the widest possible range of choices.



This string is compatible with the OPENFILENAME structure used by the GetOpenFileName and GetSaveFileName Windows API functions. It is also usable by TDocManager in OWL 2.x.

LPCSTR FAR PASCAL ipGetImportExtensions(
DWORD dwFlags);

dwFlags DWORD IPF_xxxxx flags combined using bitwise OR.

IPF_DIB Limit mask to bitmapped file types

IPF_META Limit mask to typical metafile and vector based graphic extensions (including Microsoft proprietary formats such as *.CGM)

IPF_ALLOWLZW Allow .GIF in the filemask (requires appropriate licensing from Unisys Corporation for LZW compression)

Return value

The function returns a pointer to a static buffer which contains the desired string. This buffer remains valid until the next call to ipGetImportExtensions or ipImportInd.