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The IpTypFromName function: basic compatibility evaluation

In some cases you may need to predetermine the importability of a given file before performing any further actions. DaVinci provides the ipTypFromName function to "validate" the importability of a given file. Note that this function is limited to evaluation of the file extension and performs no actual content analysis on the file.

int FAR PASCAL	ipTypFromName(
LPSTR pszName,
LPSTR pszFilter);

pszName LPSTR File name to be examined. Extensions supported by any installed Microsoft graphic import filters are considered in addition to DaVinci's supported extensions.

pszFilter LPSTR Pointer to a buffer that will receive the name of an installed graphic import filter if one of these must be used to import the file.

Return value

The function returns 0 if the file type is not supported by DaVinci, or one the IPT_xxxx constants if the filetype is supported.