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Leonardo: The PIXELINDEXUNION structure

The PIXELINDEXUNION structure is used to describes the binary representation of an individual pixel in a DIB without directly accessing the RGB color value for that pixel.

typedef union
          BOOL		 pxMonochrome;		// TRUE for first RGBQUAD in Palette, FALSE for last RGBQUAD in Palette
          BYTE		 pxPalette;			// Palette-Index for biBitCount==4 or biBitCount == 8
          RGBQUAD555 pxRgb555;			// 16-Bít RGB pixel.
          WORD		 pxGray16;			// Gray Value with extended 16 Bit per Value
          RGBQUAD	 pxRgb;				// 24/32-Bit RGB Pixel with normal   8 Bit per Value
          RGBQUAD16	 pxRgb16;			// 24/32-Bit RGB Pixel with extended 16 Bit per Value
          CMYKQUAD	 pxCmyk;			// 32-Bit CMYK Pixel with 8 Bit per Value


typedef struct
            UINT	rgb5Blue  : 5;
            UINT	rgb5Green : 5;
            UINT	rgb5Red   : 5;
            UINT	rgb1Unused: 1;
        } RGBQUAD555, FAR *LPRGBQUAD555;// An RGB-Pixel for biBitCount==16 and biPlanes=1


typedef struct tagCYMKQUAD                          // Color-Components of a CMYK-Pixel             
        BYTE    cmykYellow;
        BYTE    cmykMagenta;
        BYTE    cmykCyan;
        BYTE    cmykBlack;