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Leonardo: The RWSetLineRGB16 function

This function sets a line of xwidth pixels starting from X coordinate xstart to the best possible approximation of the color values in the array addressed by lpRgbQuad16.

void API RWSetLineRGB16(
int xstart,
int y,
int xwidth,
LPRGBQUAD16 lpRgbQuad16);

hDibRW HDIBRW Handle for DIB access returned by RWOpenDIB

xstart int Horizontal coordinate of the first pixel to be set; i.e. the number of the pixels from the left edge of the DIB to the desired pixel.

y int Vertical coordinate of the pixels to be set; i.e. the number of the pixels from the bottom edge to the desired pixel. (0 in this function points to the bottom row of pixels, rather than the top row.)

xwidth int Number of the points to be set

lpRgbQuad16 LPRGBQUAD16 Pointer to an array of RGBQUAD16 structures in which the new RGB tristimulus values of the pixels are currently stored.