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DaVinci Import/Export flags

These flags are specified in the dwDIBFlags element of DAVPARAMS structure. They specify which type of DIB is to be generated by in case of the import of bitmap data.

IPDIBF_IMPORT_32BIT Bitmap data is returned as a 32 bit DIB data regardless of the format of the imported image. The hDIB created will always contain data in biBitCount = 32 format. This is usually faster than converting the DIB's color depth using ConvertDIB after importing at a different color depth.
IPDIBF_ALLOW_IMPORT_48BIT DIB data imported from 48 bit TIFF files (16 bit precision for red, green and blue intensities) are returned as 48 bit DIBs. This format falls outside of Microsoft specifications.
IPDIBF_ALLOW_IMPORT_CMYK Import of JPEG and TIFF files as CMYK files is permitted without conversion of CMYK color data into RGB.
IPDIBF_ALLOW_IMPORT_RGBA Import of TIFF files in the RGBA format as RGBA-DIBs