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Flag values for IPF_xxxx (DaVinci import/export functions)

The IPF_xxxx flags control how DaVinci will deal with file import/export operations. These flags are to be combined using the bitwise OR operator (|) with values in the dwFlags member of the DAVPARAMS structure.

Import and export (ipImportExt, ipExportExt, ipImportInd or ipExportInd)

IPF_MSGBOX DaVinci handles errors and displays appropriate error messages using its own internal routines. The calling application does not need (and, in fact, should not have) its own error recovery routines. Error codes will be returned to the calling application.

IPF_FILEDIALOG DaVinci displays its own expanded file selection dialog and asks the user to select a file name for import or export.

IPF_DIB The calling application can retrieve the image data in DIB format.

IPF_META The calling application can retrieve the image data in metafile format.

IPF_ENH The calling application can retrieve the image data in enhanced metafile format (native 32 bit applications only)

IPF_NOWAIT Display no progress bar during processing.

IPF_ALLOWLZW To be used only if a license agreement exists between the software publisher and Unisys Corporation for use of GIF and/or LZW-compressed TIFF file formats.

Import only (ipImportExt or ipImportInd)

IPF_NOWARNINGS Donít display warnings if illegal data is discovered in the source file.

Export only (ipExportExt or ipExportInd)

At least one of the following flags must be set.

IPF_DIB Allow export in bitmapped image formats (BMP,TIF,JPG,PNG)

IPF_META Allow export in vector-based format (WMF).

Export (ipExportExt or ipExportInd) without use of the IPF_FILEDIALOG flag

IPF_COMPRESS DaVinci will make its best attempt at generating a compressed file if PNG or TIFF are selected as the export format. (JPEG files are always compressed on output.)

IPF_TIFF_LZW Write LZW-compressed TIFF files (Consult Unisys licencing guidelines before setting this flag.)

IPF_TIFF_PACKBITS Compress TIFF files using basic PACKBITS compression.

IPF_TIFF_CCITTFAX3 Compress TIFF files using G3 fax compression (monochrome DIBs only)

IPF_TIFF_CCITTFAX4 Compress TIFF files using G4 fax compression (monochrome DIBs only; normally produces better compression rates than IPF_TIFF_CCITTFAX3)

IPF_TIFF_APPEND Append an existing multipage TIFF. The image will be added as the last page of the TIFF file. If the file does not exist, it will be created and the image becomes the first page. If the existing TIFF file is in Macintosh byte order, an error message is produced if the IPF_NOWARNINGS flag is not set and the export process will be aborted with an IPF_OPEN error code. If the file to be generated is not a valid TIFF file, this flag is ignored and the file is created unconditionally.

IPF_INTERLACED Save as interlaced PNG or GIF. This has the same general effect as interlacing of GIF images; i.e. it produces a discernable image faster than non-interlaced images, especially when images are to be transmitted over land lines (modems) or slow network connections, or when exceptionally large images are decompressed to the screens of relatively slow PCs. In return for faster discernability, interlacing yields a slightly lower compression ratio.

IPF_LOWQUALITY Write JPEG files using a lower output quality to achieve a higher compression rate.