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IPE_xxxx DaVinci import/export error codes

The IPERROR data type specifies the error code returned from import/export opetrations. The meaning of the error code can be retrieved by the application as a text string via ipErrorText.

Symbolic name Value Description
IPE_OK 0 No error; normal completion
IPE_ABORT 1 Operation aborted by user
IPE_WRONGTYPE 2 Unexpected file format encountered; the header does not correspond to the expected file type.
IPE_CORRUPTED 3 File is damaged. An identifiable header was encountered but the actual data does not match the expected file structure for the format associated with that header.
IPE_CLOSE 4 Error encountered when closing the file.
IPE_OPEN 5 Error opening the file; could be a file-not-found error. This error could occur on occasion when illegal or unrecognized file formats are encountered.
IPE_WRITE 6 Error writing to the file
IPE_EOF 7 Unexpected EOF or read error
IPE_NOMEM 8 Insufficient memory to complete the operation
IPE_UNSUPPORTED 9 Function or format not supported
IPE_MAX256 10 GIF file contains more than 256 colors
IPE_REENTERED 11 GIF decompression could not be completed
IPE_PARAM 12 Invalid parameter combination
IPE_ERRINFLT 13 Error message from FLT import filter
IPE_ERRNOFLT 14 The FLT file is not a valid FLT import filter
IPE_ERRTEXTFLT 15 Was the specified filter actually a text filter?
IPE_NOLICENSE 16 Invalid or non-existent LZW license for this operation