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Leonardo: Function DIBIsCmyk

Converts a DIB referred to by its lpbmi from CMYK colourspace to RGB colourspace.

void API DIBCmyk2Rgb (

lpbmi LPBITMAPINFOHEADER Pointer to the DIB to be analyzed.


Transformation is done in-place; i.e. the original CMYK data is lost during the transformation. Applications should create a copy of the DIB with the function CopyHandle if a CMYK version of the DIB needs to be maintained in memory.

Since CMYK format DIBs are based on BITMAPV4HEADER, the DIB converted into the RGB format is also based on BITMAPV4HEADER. All DaVinci functions work seamlessly with converted DIBs but some Windows programs do not yet support the new version 4 image format either from file or clipboard. Applications can also convert CMYK DIBs to RGB DIBs with BITMAPINFOHEADER rather than version 4 header structures but the process might be a bit slow.